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Trimetals Renews Membership with Liquid Gas UK

February 22, 2023

Trimetals, a leading manufacturer of high-quality metal products, has renewed its membership with Liquid Gas UK, the industry association that represents the LPG (liquefied petroleum gas) industry in the United Kingdom. This move is part of Trimetals’ commitment to strengthening industry ties and promoting the use of its innovative metal gas storage solutions.

As a member of Liquid Gas UK, Trimetals has access to a range of resources and industry news, as well as opportunities to network and collaborate with other industry professionals. This helps the company to stay up to date with the latest developments and opportunities in the LPG industry, which is essential for its continued success and growth. [read more...]

From Plastisol Coating to 25-Year Guarantees: The Sustainability of Our Products

November 15, 2022

All too often, consumers buy products with a short lifespan in favour of the smaller price tag. Yet, these products typically require extensive upkeep and/or regular replacement, making them more expensive, and worse for the environment in the long run.

By definition, sustainability describes ‘the ability to be maintained at a certain rate or level’. So are Trimetals products sustainable? From the plastisol coating used on our steel goods to our 25-year guarantee, we’re about to break it down for you. Keep reading to discover more! [read more...]

Three Things to Consider When Building a Motorbike Garage

Motorbike ownership in the UK has boomed since 2020. With COVID-19 lockdowns putting a halt to indoor and team activities, thousands of Brits turned to motorbiking to keep their brains and bodies happy. And it’s easy to see why they haven’t looked back: riding a motorbike gets you out in the fresh air and gets the endorphins flowing.

But even the most committed bikers have to step out of the saddle occasionally. That’s when you need access to a secure, weather-proof motorbike garage to keep your bike safe. [read more...]

3 Unmissable Metal Bike Storage Tips To Keep Your Bike Safe and Secure

More of us than ever before are choosing to head out on our bikes, with almost 6.5 million people in England participating in cycling in some form over the last year. And whether your bike is your pride and joy or simply what you use to get from A to B, one thing’s for certain – you want to keep it safe.

Unfortunately though, cycling’s increasing popularity has been matched by an increase in bike thefts – with some studies suggesting that over 1,000 bikes are stolen every day in the UK. [read more...]

Metal Bike Storage: The Surprising Benefits for Your Wellbeing, Wallet & Carbon Footprint

October 20, 2022

Thinking of investing in Trimetals bike storage? These handy metal solutions provide a safe, secure and convenient place to store and organise bicycles at home, at your workplace or otherwise. This also protects them from adverse weather, keeping them in tip-top spec.

However, there’s more than first meets the eye when it comes down to the benefits of this practical storage option. In this blog, we’ve detailed 3 lesser known advantages. Keep reading to learn more!

4 Surprising Benefits of Metal Bike Storage

1.   Boost Your Fitness

If you’re thinking about purchasing bike storage, odds are you already have a bike. Whether you’re a seasoned pedaller or are new to the spin game, cycling is a great way to enhance your physical health. Here’s why: [read more...]

Protect a Cycle range awarded higher security certification

September 20, 2022

Protect a Cycle metal bicycle stores have been awarded improved certification acknowledging their higher levels of security and confirming their compliance with the Home Quality Mark and SBD (Secure By Design) Homes Award.

Already hugely popular among specifiers and architects this recognition is set to increase the range’s use on new residential developments, alongside facilities management operations and individual cyclists protecting their property.

Rigorously tested by BRE (Building Research Establishment), the popular cycle stores which are manufactured by Trimetals Limited have been proven to cope with the evolving tools and methods used by bicycle thieves. The entire Protect a Cycle product range is now certified by the Loss Prevention Certification Board to its standard of LPS1175: Issue 8, Security Rating 1. [read more...]

Preventing your Motorcycle Being Stolen

March 29, 2018

What’s really hard? Getting your pride and joy (motorbike) stolen.

What’s really easy? Making sure your motorbike is more secure and better protected.

You must also appreciate that security is based on a number of factors, so for example, just simply investing in a new disc lock is definitely a start, but not the answer.

But don’t worry, this article gives a good overview of the strategies you can employ:

Layers of security

Should a professional and skilled thief desire your motorbike, there’s nothing you can do to prevent him from taking it. There’s no chain or cable that can’t be snipped, no alarm that can’t be beaten and no garage door that can’t be sprung. However, what you can do is make your bike as difficult and time consuming as possible to steal, meaning a thief is considerably less likely to bother when easier targets are available. [read more...]

Mobile and Static Caravan Storage Options – Storage Units, Sheds or Undervan Boxes?

February 9, 2018

You can never have enough storage space, the more you have the more you will purchase to fill it.

Garages, outbuildings, lofts, basements and cupboards all fill up quickly, but what if you live in a mobile home or own one for holiday use and weekends away.

If storage space is a problem in a house then image the fine tuning needed to manage storage when space is really at a premium.

Where do you store bulky items? – it’s great to have a barbeque set for those long summer evenings outside, bicycles for exploring into the countryside, fishing rods to relax next to the local river or lake, outdoor chairs and tables; the list goes on. [read more...]

Gas Cylinder Storage (LPG) – Safety, Security and Convenience.

Although there are various ways to store gas cylinders, or gas bottles (propane and butane), this article focusses on enclosed storage, used predominantly by mobile / static home parks, catering outlets and general industrial use.

The storage of LPG gas cylinders within an external housing (to prevent theft, tampering or simply for aesthetic reasons) – raises a number of significant and key considerations.

Understandably, the various materials used to manufacture any storage product of this type must be certified fire resistant; therefore wood or plastic stores are not permitted. [read more...]

The 5 Best Gardening Programmes and Garden TV Shows

Gardening shows on TV are as popular as ever, the main runners, such as Gardeners World, Love Your Garden and The Great British Garden Revival are still blooming, and new shoots, such as the The Instant Gardener have proved that the public are still greatly interested in watching and learning how to maintain, design and create more interesting gardens.

The choice of gardening programmes has vastly increased with shows popping up on Sky and on the internet, and when you consider that you can now watch shows from other countries too on Youtube, such as those from the USA, Canada and Australia, it all adds up to an incredible selection. [read more...]

Troll Trouble – Adventures of Sir Tristan Trimetals

January 10, 2018

In this episode Bernard the Dragon employs the services of two dopey trolls to steal Sir Tristan’s shed.

Pretending to be maintenance men their plan soon backfires as they do not realise that the shed requires no upkeep and is guaranteed for 25 years.

It therefore does not take long for the castle residents to see through the evil plan and the trolls are rumbled.

A few years in the dark, damp dungeon awaits them; but maybe they would prefer that to reporting their failure back to Bernard.

Trimetals – 25 Year Guarantee and no maintenance. [read more...]

How to store logs outside

December 7, 2017

In the cold winter months, your fire or log burner will require a ready supply of quality, dry (seasoned) logs to work effectively. In this article we consider the best options for storing your logs outside in a practical, convenient and safe way that will keep them dry all winter long.

1.Stack Logs Neatly

Seasoned logs are traditionally stacked neatly, close to (not touching) a wall or fence, it is important to be quite precise as tight stacking will ensure that only the top layer will get damp if it rains.

2. Consider Location Carefully

Think about the location, if the prevailing winds usually blow rain in a certain direction then place the logs in an area that it as sheltered as possible; remember to always place them on a flat and stable surface. [read more...]

How to get your shed ready for winter

November 24, 2017

With winter just round the corner it is a good time to make sure that both it, and its contents, are prepared.

Hopefully the following hints and tips will help you.

Wooden Sheds

  1. Ensure that you have treated your shed with a good quality wood preserver or paint.
  2. Check for any loose woodwork, especially around the roof and replace or repair as necessary.
  3. Ensure the roofing felt is sound, free of tears and well attached; if not then high winds will just rip this off.
  4. Check for any cracks or holes and use a good quality wood filler to rectify, this will keep your shed dry and also deter any unwanted visitors, such as mice or rats, making your shed their winter home.
  5. If you have any windows, check the seal around them and repair with exterior silicone sealant if required.
  6. Remove any leaves and twigs from gutters.
  7. Oil hinges and any locks including padlocks.

Metal Sheds

  1. Most premium metal sheds are maintenance free so require no treatment but a quick wash down with mild warm soapy water will remove any dirt.
  2. Check the tightness of fixings, especially on the roof, as these can rattle loose on cheaper sheds – you will find more expensive sheds use locking nuts that will prevent this.
  3. Ensure gutters are clear from twigs and leaves.
  4. Lubricate hinges, locking mechanisms and padlocks.

In general, metal sheds are much easier to take care of and last many times longer than a wooden shed – some offer a 25 year guarantee. www.trimetals.co.uk

Winter Garden Equipment

Winter is an ideal time to have a shed sort out and discard any items you do not require anymore.

Clean off any tools and use a small amount of lubrication on moving parts which will help protect them. [read more...]

Fit for a Queen – Adventures of Sir Tristan Trimetals

November 7, 2017

In his latest adventure, Sir Tristan receives an invitation from the Queen to visit the palace with his armoured shed.

Bernard the Dragon has other ideas and warns the creatures of Doomwood and Splutter Swamp that Sir Tristan will be venturing through.

Despite Bernard’s usual threats, the monsters are not able to stop or damage the shed; even a last gasp of fiery breath from the dragon has no effect.

The Queen is delighted that the shed has arrived unscathed and awards it with the Royal Seal for Design, Ingenuity and Quality. [read more...]

The Test of Time – Adventures of Sir Tristan Trimetals

October 19, 2017

In this adventure Bernard the dragon thinks time is on his side when he meets with Mongo, the time travelling Wizard.

Unfortunately, Bernard’s latest evil scheme backfires as the Wizard finds Sir Tristan’s shed in perfect condition when he pays it a visit 25 years in the future.

Not wishing to tell the short tempered dragon of his worrying news he sensibly transports himself again, out of harm’s way.

As always, Sir Tristan gets the last laugh.

Spell of Bad Weather – Adventures of Sir Tristan Trimetals

September 11, 2017

The land of Tristan Trimetals has numerous evil inhabitants and many witches who all tend to dress in a similar fashion; in fact it is sometimes hard to tell which witch is which.

Everybody knows that Rusty is a particularly nasty witch who specialises in making the life of peasants unpleasant by casting her foul weather spells causing rain, wind and thunder storms.

Bernard the dragon uses her services from time to time and hatches a plan to destroy Tristan’s shed with the help of Rusty’s mischievous magic. [read more...]

Goblin Proof Your Shed – Adventures of Sir Tristan Trimetals

July 21, 2017

One of the many troubles with goblins is their tendency to take anything that isn’t nailed down.

More intelligent creatures often use them to break into property and steal treasures.

Unfortunately for our two goblin thieves, Stickyfinger and Stump, Tristan’s armour plated shed proves too much for them.

Goblin proof your shed – Trimetals has the answer.

Dragon Proof Your Shed – Adventures of Sir Tristan Trimetals

June 16, 2017

The first instalment of Ye Olde Adventures of Sir Tristan Trimetals, in which he uses his ingenuity to overcome the fiery fiend which is Burnard the Dragon.

A cautionary tale about the perils of using wooden or plastic sheds and the benefits of a solid metal shed which is both fire-resistant and above all Dragon Proof.  

With special thanks to the brilliant Steve Beckett – regular cartoon illustrator for the Beano, Dandy and many others.

Ye Olde Adventures of Sir Tristan Trimetals

June 14, 2017

Trimetals are proud to present:


Although the modern day Trimetals was founded in 1967 it now appears that our medieval ancestors also had ideas about metal sheds.

Recent excavation work in the tunnels under the Trimetals factory have revealed ancient manuscripts, now translated they tell the story of chivalry, heroism, dragons and, of course, metal sheds.

Believed to be written by none other than Sir Tristan Trimetals himself, it tells his legendary story about the ongoing battle against the evil beings who seek to wreak havoc on him and his shed. [read more...]

Tell higher insurance premiums “on your bike!”

February 21, 2017

With motoring insurance premiums reportedly hitting an all time high, it pays to think about ways you can help keep yours in check and many of us often overlook the benefits of focusing on secure motorcycle storage.

Telling your insurer that your two-wheeled pride and joy spends its down-time in secure storage can make a tangible difference to your premium, especially when it’s in the form of the specially designed Protect a BikeTM from Trimetals. Protect a BikeTM is a unique metal motorcycle garage that offers significant benefits over other anti-theft devices for motorcycles and scooters.  Combining convenience with security, it keeps your motorcycle completely enclosed and out of sight – safe and protected from the elements – and once assembled is maintenance-free and fire resistant. [read more...]

Spring is coming but does it have to mean a shed-load of work?

With spring just around the corner, there is a wealth of jobs waiting for you in the garden but could some be minimised or even avoided all together so you are free to focus on the things you find more enjoyable about bringing your outdoor space back to its former glory after the gloomy winter months?

Some jobs are just basic facts of life when it comes to the arrival of spring in our gardens.  There’s the cleaning of patios and decks to remove the grime, mildew and algae that sneak up in damp conditions; the greenhouse clean-up to get it sparkling like new; and the first cut of the lawn when weather permits. [read more...]

How can a rectangular static caravan look ship-shape?

When it’s a mobile home using strong, secure metal storage to keep all your leisure equipment safe and tidy.

With spring just around the corner, thoughts are turning to the holiday season and making the most of our long weekends, short breaks and longer escapes – especially if you have a mobile home and plan to get the most enjoyment from it that you can.

Alongside holidays comes a wealth of leisure equipment, toys and games but it can be a challenge to keep that all secure and dry without cluttering up your inside haven with such things as barbecues, bikes, toys, tennis rackets, inflatables and fishing gear. [read more...]

Who Can You Trust When it Comes to Online Reviews?

January 13, 2017

When you wish to know more about a company’s products or service level it is common to go straight to the internet.

Whilst we trust professional independent companies such as Which? we also spend considerable time reading past customer reviews.

However, it’s now thought over 25% of online reviews are fake and indeed some companies even offer incentives to their customers to leave positive reviews; so how can you be confident that you’re buying the right product from a reliable source?

Trimetals have chosen an independent company (Feefo) to collect our customer’s feedback. [read more...]

Her Majesty’s Lord-Lieutenant presents Queen’s Award

January 4, 2017

December has seen a ‘right royal’ celebration of Trimetals winning the Queen’s Awards for Enterprise.

Following the announcement of the prestigious award earlier this year, Her Majesty’s Lord-Lieutenant of Dorset, Angus Campbell, has recently visited Trimetals Limited to make a formal presentation in recognition of the company’s significant and sustained growth in global markets.

Representing the Crown, the Lord-Lieutenant took a tour of the factory, meeting the company’s staff and learning about the wide range of products that has brought international success for the specialist metal storage manufacturer. [read more...]

Winner of the Family Business Award (Dorset Business Awards 2016)

December 15, 2016

Dorset Business Award Winners 2016

Pictured; all 11 winners at the Dorset Business Awards 2016 and Debra Stevenson.

Trimetals are delighted to have been named winner of the Family Business Award at the Dorset Business Awards 2016.

Organised by Dorset Chamber of Commerce and Industry and also supported by Wave 105, the Dorset Business Awards have become the largest of its type in the county. The Awards evening was a fantastic opportunity to celebrate all that is great about Dorset and recognise the achievements of some of its leading businesses, both large and small, that are doing outstanding work. Winners were announced at the gala dinner awards ceremony held at the BIC on the 24th November 2016. [read more...]

Swimming Pool Equipment Storage

December 7, 2016

For both convenience and safety it is important to have secure storage for all your pool equipment.

Lockers, containers, boxes, trunks are all terms used when describing storage solutions which are typically placed at the side of a swimming pool for easy access.

Although most feature a similar appearance there are important choices to be made regarding size, colour and most importantly construction material.

Remember that many of these stores can also double as seating or benching so having the largest size you can sensibly fit into your designated space is important as they can be utilised as handy chairs or tables for poolside snacks. [read more...]

Garden Furniture – Winter Storage Ideas

With Autumn already here and Winter closing in by the day it is time to seriously consider how to protect and store your garden furniture over the approaching dark cold and wet months.

Maybe you have purchased a nice new table and chairs for the patio this season complete with parasol, a further skip full of garden toys for the children or that new barbecue that you simply had to have.

But you just didn’t give enough thought and consideration as to where it will kept when it’s too cold to sit outside, did you? [read more...]

Choosing The Right Bicycle Storage Solution For You

Bicycles are great; fun to ride whilst keeping you fit and healthy, all in the great outdoors – what’s not to like?

Well nothing really but unfortunately you cannot be cycling all the time unless you are Bradley Wiggins, but even he probably stops for a quick cup of tea and a sandwich every now and then.

So the problem of bicycle storage then arises, where to put your precious bike when it’s not being used, and like cycles themselves there are many options available at all price points.

Storage Solutions and Ideas

To start with you need to consider how much you wish to spend, if you only have an old rusty boneshaker then a premium top of the range metal cycle store is probably not a consideration, however if you have just purchased an expensive new mountain bike, hybrid or racer then secure storage is a priority, especially over the winter months when you may not be using your bike as often. [read more...]

Tips for storing logs during the winter

October 21, 2016

It’s that time of year again where it’s time to start planning for the winter.

So, after a long, wet winter last year, it’s more important than ever to get stocked up and make sure you have enough logs to take you through winter.

How much firewood do you need?

This is the most difficult question to answer and depends on so many factors such as the size of your house and the use of the wood but advisement suggests working on about 3 – 4 m3 per annum. That’s based on using it most evenings and weekends from October to April. [read more...]