Code for Sustainable Homes (CSH)

Code for Sustainable Homes


A guide to obtaining credits under the Code for Sustainable Homes.

What is the Code for Sustainable Homes (CSH)?

The Code for Sustainable Homes provides a comprehensive measure of the sustainability of new homes, ensuring that sustainable homes deliver real improvements in key areas such as carbon dioxide emissions and water use. It has been developed to become the single national standard for the design and construction of sustainable homes, and that it drives improvements in home building practice.

Credits are gained by the housebuilder for various features incorporated into the design, these include Energy and CO2 Emission limitations, Water Management, Building Materials used, Surface Water Run-off, Waste Management, Pollution Control and Health and Wellbeing.

What is a Sustainable Homes Credit?

The Code covers nine categories of sustainable home design, with credits awarded for each requirement achieved in that category, except in the six mandatory categories where minimum performance standards must be achieved, which have no associated credits. The total number of credits available to a category is the sum of credits available for all the requirements within it.

How many credits can cycle storage obtain?

Secure cycle storage gains points under the Health and Wellbeing category of the Code, which aims to ‘encourage the wider use of bicycles as transport by providing adequate and secure cycle storage facilities, thus reducing the need for short car journeys’.

In this category, one credit is awarded for:

and two credits are awarded for:

How can Trimetals products help?

Trimetals’ Protect a Cycle is suitable for the secure storage of cycles and meets the Code’s criteria, so by incorporating the Protect a Cycle in your project, you can gain valuable credits.

The Protect a Cycle can store one cycle under the Code, earning up to two credits, depending on the size of the dwelling.

Do these products fully comply with the criteria?

Yes, the Protect a Cycle were designed to comply with the requirements of the code.


Locks: The Protect a Cycle features both external padlocks and Secure Internal Fixings comprising of a ground anchor and Loss Prevention Board tested cable and lock (for securing the wheel and frame).

The Protect a Cycle is approved to LPS 1175: Issue 8 SR1 (Certificate Number 899e) and is classed as a Proprietary Product. To clarify, the Code reads:

“Secure Storage is defined as the provision of a fully enclosed solid structure with a secure entrance lock and/or secure fixings depending the situation and solution. In individual dwellings: – for solid enclosed structures: entrance lock or secure fixing(s).”

“Secure Fixing: A steel fixing set in concrete (or similar solid foundations/hardstanding) to manufacturer’s instructions, which allows both the wheel and frame to be locked securely.”

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Please visit the government’s Code for Sustainable Homes page for further information on the Code’s requirements.

For more information on the ProtectaCycle visit https://www.trimetals.co.uk/protect-a-cycle/product-info/