Protect a Cycle

The Protect a Cycle™ storage system has been designed to offer unbeatable secure bike storage at an affordable price.

Secure Bike Storage

Protect a Cycle™ is unique – it is the first cycle storage product which has been tested and certified by the Loss Prevention Certification Board and awarded the LPS1175 Security Rating A1 (SR1) and in addition has achieved the Police SBD mark (Secure By Design) “Preferred Police Specification.”

The product is supplied complete with two stainless steel hasps with two high security padlocks (Sold Secure Silver Approved) which will deter even the most determined thief – but wait there’s more – because even if the thief does eventually penetrate he is confronted with a Heavy Duty Ground Anchor (again Sold Secure Silver Approved) complete with High Security Cable (Loss Prevention Board tested) preventing the cycles from being removed.

Convenient Bike Storage That Lasts

The generous dimensions of Protect a Cycle allow up to three adult bikes to be stored together (depending on style) and the clever patented design, which features a spring assisted opening action, allows complete and easy access.

Official Police SBD Approved (Watch video below)

Protect-a-Cycle Pro™

A professional version of this product is also available, it is larger and offers an even higher level of security so is ideal for exposed locations or commercial use.
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Police preferred specification

Protect a Cycle is the first secure bicycle store that has achieved the Secured by Design mark – the Police Preferred Specification.


Loss prevention certification board

Protect a Cycle has passed the Loss Prevention Certification Board LPS1175: Issue 8 testing, achieving Security Rating A1 (SR1).
Certificate Number : 899c


Thames Valley Police prefers our secure cycle storage

Thames Valley Police is keeping its cycles safe and secure with high security cycle storage – the Protect a Cycle Pro from storage solutions specialist Trimetals. Read more…


Code for Sustainable Homes

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Butterworth Spengler

The Protect a Cycle and Pro are approved by Butterworth Insurance Services (the UK’s leading cycle insurance experts) – contact them for a quote.

Butterworth Spengler

Home Quality Mark (BRE)

The Home Quality Mark (HQM) is the national quality mark designed to give people the confidence that their new home is well designed, well built, and cost-effective to run. It also allows house builders to demonstrate the high quality of their homes and to differentiate them in the marketplace..

Approved by Butterworth Insurance Services (the UK's leading cycle insurance experts) - contact them for a quote

"Best available for the money - SUPERB PRODUCT"

"The Bicycle Store is robust enough to deter anyone breaking in and is a sound investment. - HIGHLY RECOMMENDED"

"Top marks for design and ease of use and we recommend that readers put one on the top of their wish list."