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Outdoor Storage Solutions for Schools – What are the benefits?

May 1, 2014

Storage is a common problem for schools. With many staff and pupils all in the same place, there is always a huge amount of equipment that needs to be put somewhere. Schools are often restricted on space, so smart solutions are hard to come by and much needed. Whether it’s in the class room for children’s work or outside for the caretakers, you have to think smart for effective storage.

Storage for School Groundskeepers

For any school, keeping the grounds and sports fields in good shape and ready for any matches take a lot of time. It also usually involves some sizeable items of grounds keeping equipment as well. Kit including lawn mowers, line marking equipment and sprinkler systems are expensive and often represent a considerable investment for a school, so secure storage is a must-have. On top of that, it’s heavy and difficult to move around, so having it stored close to the areas it will be used is another essential. [read more...]