How to get your shed ready for winter

November 24, 2017

With winter just round the corner it is a good time to make sure that both it, and its contents, are prepared.

Hopefully the following hints and tips will help you.

Wooden Sheds

  1. Ensure that you have treated your shed with a good quality wood preserver or paint.
  2. Check for any loose woodwork, especially around the roof and replace or repair as necessary.
  3. Ensure the roofing felt is sound, free of tears and well attached; if not then high winds will just rip this off.
  4. Check for any cracks or holes and use a good quality wood filler to rectify, this will keep your shed dry and also deter any unwanted visitors, such as mice or rats, making your shed their winter home.
  5. If you have any windows, check the seal around them and repair with exterior silicone sealant if required.
  6. Remove any leaves and twigs from gutters.
  7. Oil hinges and any locks including padlocks.

Metal Sheds

  1. Most premium metal sheds are maintenance free so require no treatment but a quick wash down with mild warm soapy water will remove any dirt.
  2. Check the tightness of fixings, especially on the roof, as these can rattle loose on cheaper sheds – you will find more expensive sheds use locking nuts that will prevent this.
  3. Ensure gutters are clear from twigs and leaves.
  4. Lubricate hinges, locking mechanisms and padlocks.

In general, metal sheds are much easier to take care of and last many times longer than a wooden shed – some offer a 25 year guarantee. www.trimetals.co.uk


Winter Garden Equipment

Winter is an ideal time to have a shed sort out and discard any items you do not require anymore.

Clean off any tools and use a small amount of lubrication on moving parts which will help protect them.

Move items that are not required over the winter months to the rear of the shed, for example your lawnmower and barbeque.

Ensure items that will be needed are readily accessible at the front, like your rake or leaf blower / vacuum, gloves, wheelbarrow and perhaps snow shovel.

Have fun and enjoy your garden.