3 Unmissable Metal Bike Storage Tips To Keep Your Bike Safe and Secure

November 15, 2022

More of us than ever before are choosing to head out on our bikes, with almost 6.5 million people in England participating in cycling in some form over the last year. And whether your bike is your pride and joy or simply what you use to get from A to B, one thing’s for certain – you want to keep it safe.

Unfortunately though, cycling’s increasing popularity has been matched by an increase in bike thefts – with some studies suggesting that over 1,000 bikes are stolen every day in the UK.

So what’s the best way to protect your bike? In this post we’ve rounded up some of the best advice for cyclists on how to keep your bike safe. Keep reading for our top tips, including what to look for when choosing your all-important metal bike storage solution.

Register Your Bike With a Police-Approved Scheme

Before you next head out for a spin, take two minutes to register your bike with a police-preferred database such as BikeRegister. By providing details of your bike, you not only increase your chances of recovering your bike if you’re unlucky enough to have it stolen, you’re also adding an extra layer of protection from it being nicked in the first place.

Once you’ve registered your bike, you can mark it with a security label and a warning message to potential thieves, letting them know that it’s traceable by the police.

Invest in at Least One Good Bike Lock

After spending money on a bike, it can be tempting to try to save a few pennies by opting for the cheapest lock available. But such a short-term saving might turn out to be very costly in the long run, as you’re leaving your bike vulnerable to opportunistic theft.

At the very least, make sure you have a robust D-lock in your arsenal – ideally combined with a chain or cable that you can use to secure both wheels and the frame to whatever you’re locking your bike to.

And with over half of all bike thefts taking place in and around the home – from sheds, gardens and passageways – it’s not just a case of remembering to bring your bike lock out with you when you cycle to the shops. Safe, secure metal bike storage with multiple padlock points is crucial for keeping your bike out of harm’s way – and for giving you peace of mind.

Protect Your Bike With a Secure Metal Storage Solution

 Even the biggest cycling enthusiasts can’t be out on their bike 24/7. No matter how many miles you’re putting in on the pedals, the reality is that your bike will spend most of its time at home – so it’s absolutely vital that it’s protected.

Unfortunately, traditional garden gates and sheds aren’t much of a match for a determined bike thief – or indeed the British weather! To truly keep your bike safe from weather damage and theft, a secure metal bike storage unit is the most reliable option for home storage.

Fortunately, security doesn’t have to come at the expense of either aesthetics or ease of use. Metal bike storage units from Trimetals are made of a sustainable PVC-coated galvanised steel that’s maintenance-free, and available in a range of colours designed to fit seamlessly into any garden.

Getting in and out is easy with our unique patented design, with each unit’s spring-loaded opening allowing easy access to your bikes. Our optional ramp feature makes it simple to store heavy e-bikes too.

Why Choose A Trimetals Metal Bike Storage Unit?

Trimetals metal bike storage units are top-rated by the UK’s leading cycling magazines for their security and design, making them the clear choice for any cyclist seeking to protect their bike from theft and weather damage. For even more peace of mind, our advanced Protect a Cycle™ and Protect a Cycle Pro™ products are the first metal bike storage systems certified by the Loss Prevention Certification Board and the Police’s ‘Secure By Design’ specification.

Still deciding whether metal bike storage is the right option for you? Make sure to check out our post on the surprising benefits of metal bike storage. You can also check out our five-star metal bike storage reviews or get in touch with our friendly team to discuss our range.