Secured By Design Homes 2019 (SBD)


A guide to how Trimetals products can help towards achieving the Secured By Design Homes Gold or Silver Award.

What is the Secure By Design Homes Award?

Developers around the UK can receive Secured By Design awards for incorporating crime prevention measures and techniques into their developments in all kinds of building sectors, such as residential, education, health, transport, commercial, retail, sport and leisure.

These awards are gained after working with SBD’s trained national network of police officers and staff who specialise in designing out crime. Known as Designing Out Crime Officers, they advise and collaborate with architects, developers, and local authority planners long before construction begins – and continue to provide advice and guidance until the development is complete.

SBD Award Application Process

This application process is presented in three sections:

Section 1: Development Layout and Design This section provides guidance on aspects of design and layout that impact on the creation of a safe and secure environment, including road layout, footpath design, communal areas, dwelling boundaries, car parking and lighting.

Section 2: Physical Security of the Home This section provides the ‘Police Preferred Specification’ for physical security requirements for new or refurbished homes.

Section 3 addresses the requirements for a range of additional or optional features, such as enhanced glazing, bicycle storage, drying rooms, external bin stores, etc.

Award Levels

SBD Gold

The SBD Gold Award is awarded to new developments or refurbishment schemes that have achieved compliance with all the required security features particular to the development, contained within Section 1, Section 2a and Section 3 of this document.

SBD Silver

There are two routes to obtaining the SBD Silver Award:

SBD Bronze
SBD Bronze can be awarded to new bespoke developments or refurbished properties that meet the required security features particular to the development contained within Section 2b.

How can Trimetals products help?

Providing bicycle storage can assist your application for the Gold or Silver Award.

The essential security requirements in Section 2 are further enhanced by the requirements set out in Section 3 which includes bicycle storage.

The Protect a Cycle is designed to comply with the requirements of the award, Home 2019 and is certified to LPS 1175 Issue 8: Security Rating 1/A1. Certificate Number 899c

External containers specifically designed for the secure storage of bicycles and other property must be certificated to one of the following minimum security standards:

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