Metal Bike Storage: The Surprising Benefits for Your Wellbeing, Wallet & Carbon Footprint

October 20, 2022

Thinking of investing in Trimetals bike storage? These handy metal solutions provide a safe, secure and convenient place to store and organise bicycles at home, at your workplace or otherwise. This also protects them from adverse weather, keeping them in tip-top spec.

However, there’s more than first meets the eye when it comes down to the benefits of this practical storage option. In this blog, we’ve detailed 3 lesser known advantages. Keep reading to learn more!

4 Surprising Benefits of Metal Bike Storage

1.   Boost Your Fitness

If you’re thinking about purchasing bike storage, odds are you already have a bike. Whether you’re a seasoned pedaller or are new to the spin game, cycling is a great way to enhance your physical health. Here’s why:

Cycling is a high-intensity exercise. If you really push yourself, you can raise your heartbeat enough to burn a substantial amount of calories – as many as 800 in a single hour, according to studies. In turn, there’s a good chance you’ll lose weight and build muscle, making you stronger by the day. Some say it’s an ideal alternative to running, as it pushes your body to extremes without putting too much strain on your joints.

2.   Improve Your Health

If you’re still not convinced that hopping on your bike is better than sitting in traffic, cyclists can actually improve their respiratory systems with every ride. Pedalling through green areas with low air pollution instead of high volumes of traffic is generally better for your lungs. Plus, the more you cycle, the better it gets – your lung capacity can increase as much as 15%, delivering many benefits to the body.

Think cycling is out of your depth? E-bikes are battery-powered bicycles that work by giving you an extra “boost” every time you turn the pedals. Although you’re putting in less effort to travel further, e-cyclists can still relish the same benefits for their health as regular cyclists. These futuristic bikes even fit perfectly into the Trimetals bike storage units, so there really is no excuse!

3.   Lower Carbon Footprint

Are you guilty of using the car for both long and short journeys? Your daily habits could have a detrimental effect on the world we live in. Transport makes up around 20% of all emissions in the UK. And this staggering figure means it’s one of the biggest contributors of air pollution, especially in areas more densely populated, such as cities.

Installing metal cycle storage to house your bike means you can live without a guilty conscience, confident you’re doing your bit for the planet. That’s because simply switching your daily commute from the car seat to a bike seat can help you lower your own carbon footprint. Research by Cyclists Touring Club (CTC) revealed individuals can reduce their annual carbon footprint by 6% by cycling instead of driving.

4.   Cheaper Bills

How much money do you spend on fuel per month? According to NimbleFins, many UK motorists spend over £1000 on petrol or diesel every year – a number that’s set to rise amidst the cost of living crisis. That levels out to an eye-watering monthly sum of over £83. To put that into perspective, that’s roughly the same as:

What would you rather spend your money on?

Metal bike storage can encourage more people to get out on their bikes every day and replace car journeys where possible. In doing so, they’re spending far less on fuel, providing an opportunity to trim down their monthly costs or spend it elsewhere. By the end of the year, they’ll be considerably better off – all thanks to making a simple switch from the steering wheel to the handlebar.

Think Trimetals cycle storage would benefit you or your organisation? We provide three options: Metal Bike Storage, Protect-A-Cycle and Protect-A-Cycle Pro.

Each one not only keeps your bike safe and secure, but helps you to get fitter, reduce your carbon footprint and make your wallet a little lighter.

Shop Trimetals cycle storage over on our website!