Ye Olde Adventures of Sir Tristan Trimetals

June 14, 2017

Trimetals are proud to present:


Although the modern day Trimetals was founded in 1967 it now appears that our medieval ancestors also had ideas about metal sheds.

Recent excavation work in the tunnels under the Trimetals factory have revealed ancient manuscripts, now translated they tell the story of chivalry, heroism, dragons and, of course, metal sheds.

Believed to be written by none other than Sir Tristan Trimetals himself, it tells his legendary story about the ongoing battle against the evil beings who seek to wreak havoc on him and his shed.

Ye Olde Adventures of Sir Tristan Trimetals have been drawn by the very talented Steve Beckett (BeeToons). Steve is a regular artist for the UK’s favourite comics; including the Beano and The Dandy.

Each month we will post new adventure with the first being uploaded in the coming days!

Stay tooned!