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RHS Hyde Hall Summer Flower Show 2019

September 18, 2019

Trimetals was pleased to work in association with Essex Police and the Royal Horticultural Society by providing a Protect a Cycle (High Security Cycle Store) for the Safe and Secure Garden exhibit at the Hyde Hall Summer Flower Show.

The Protect a Cycle is approved by both the Loss Prevention Certification Board and Secured by Design (Police Approved Specification) – it is also endorsed by the RHS.

The Police, who offered security advice in the garden, advised that the product proved very popular with visitors who needed to keep their bicycles safe in the garden. [read more...]

Trimetals Sponsored MTB Rider Tony Revell Update

July 5, 2019

The season continues to go well for the Trimetal’s sponsored MTB Elite category rider Tony Revell.

Round 1 of the Southern Xc Regional Series was held in Winchester and the cold and very windy day made for some testing racing conditions. Tony attacked hard from the start and led for the first half of the race. However a regular rival who stuck with the Tony managed to make an attack towards the end of the race and took the win; however Tony was pleased with his 2nd position.

Next stop on the calendar was the first big Elite British National Race on 23rd of March which was held at Sherwood Forest in Nottingham. Luck wasn’t on Tony’s side as he had picked up a sickness bug during the week before. However, he still decided to race and try and salvage some points. The race went off at blistering pace and it wasn’t long until he realised how much the bug had taken out of him. From then on it was a battle of mind over matter just to finish. After seven gruelling laps he made it across the line in 27th. All things considered he was happy with that. [read more...]

Trimetals Sponsored MTB Rider gets Elite Class Promotion

May 13, 2019

Tony Revell Elite mountain biker looking into distance

For 2019 we continue to sponsor mountain bike (MTB) champion Tony Revell.

This year Tony has been promoted to the Elite category which is the highest level of MTB cycling; he will now not only be taking on the UK’s best but also MTB XC racers from around the world.

An update on his 2019 season races so far:

His first race of the year was at the end of January in Lanzarote, this was a major event against a strong field of world class elite athletes. After 4 tough days of racing he finished an impressive 33rd in the premier elite class. [read more...]

Getting your shed ready for the spring and summer

May 12, 2017

Spring is here, so it’s time to get outside and enjoy your garden, its many people’s favourite time of year.

It is also the ideal time to clean and organise your garden shed, this will ensure all your tools are accessible when you want them, it will also reduce the need for stepping over tools and searching for items when they are required.

Woman watering plant in front of a garden storage system Trimetals

A metal shed is ideal, they are secure and require no maintenance: www.trimetals.co.uk


Pick a dry day and remove everything from the shed; although this may seem excessive it will allow you to thoroughly clean the interior and also throw away any items that are no longer required or need to be replaced. [read more...]

Getting your motorbike ready for spring and beyond.

Before your first ride of the year make sure that your bike is running smoothly and safely.

Remember that you may not have used your bike for months, you will be out of practice and there may be something you have overlooked when checking your bike – so please ride very carefully on your first outing. 

Unless you brave all weathers (and the salt gritter) over the winter and autumn it’s now time to get it out of storage and ready to ride.

Firstly make sure your insurance, tax and MOT are up to date before even considering getting on your motorbike, it’s easy to forget these after a winter break. [read more...]

Getting your bicycle ready for spring and beyond.

Before your first ride of the year make sure that your bike is running smoothly and safely.

Unless you brave all weathers over the winter and autumn on your cycle it’s now time to get it out of storage and ready to ride.

A woman open a protect a cycle storage system - Trimetals

A great place to store your bike over winter – www.protectacycle.co.uk

Whilst fairly straightforward to check over yourself it is always sensible to get a local cycle shop to give it a once over if you are still unsure about anything.

Many shops now offer a checking service and will make any necessary adjustments to cables, brakes, chain and gears as well as give further advice if more work is necessary; this will typically cost around £50 but is money well spent. [read more...]

Where’s best to keep your bike?

July 11, 2016

Cycling has enjoyed something of a renaissance recently, with a growing number of people across the world opting for pedal power over other methods of transportation. It’s not difficult to see why, either. As the population rises, roads get busier; the costs of driving and using public transport are growing too.

In a bike, you have a means of getting from A to B cheaply and quickly without impacting the environment. Throw easy exercise into the mix and it’s a no-brainer! When you’ve spent big on some new wheels, though, you’ll want to keep it safe at all times. That means thinking carefully about where you store it. [read more...]

How to make the most of your garden shed this summer

June 23, 2016


Come rain or shine, us Brits are always determined to spend as much time outdoors as possible during the summer. After all, it’s the only time of year we get to bring out the barbecue, don the short shorts and work on that tan.

It stands to reason, then, that if you have a shed you’re currently not making much use of, you’re probably thinking of giving it a bit of a revamp. Sheds aren’t just somewhere to store the bikes and garden tools; with a bit of hard work they can become amazing spaces. [read more...]