How to make the most of your garden shed this summer

June 23, 2016


Come rain or shine, us Brits are always determined to spend as much time outdoors as possible during the summer. After all, it’s the only time of year we get to bring out the barbecue, don the short shorts and work on that tan.

It stands to reason, then, that if you have a shed you’re currently not making much use of, you’re probably thinking of giving it a bit of a revamp. Sheds aren’t just somewhere to store the bikes and garden tools; with a bit of hard work they can become amazing spaces.

Let’s take a look at the various ways you can make the most out of that space this summer.

Personal workout space

We all have our excuses for not going to the gym: the membership is too expensive, there isn’t one within walking distance, we hate working out in front of other people, the list goes on! A home gym, however, is the perfect solution. It’s private, costs you nothing but the set-up fee and is right next to your house. For additional motivation, why not invite your mates round for a regular workout session?

If you’re not into lifting weights or running, you could instead turn your shed into a yoga retreat. Create a relaxing atmosphere by making sure the space has lots of windows and is painted a light, neutral colour. Get yourself a few mats and some calming music, and you have yourself the perfect place to meditate and stretch.

Mini pub/bar

Many of us dream of having our own pub, so why not create one in your own garden? Serve the drinks from the shed and let your mates sit just outside it on the patio – you’re very own beer garden! Of course, you may want to try and squeeze a couple of bar seats inside for days when the weather isn’t so nice.

Keen to try brewing your own beer but don’t want to stink up the house? The shed is the perfect place to give this hobby a go. It’s a much cheaper way to satisfy your mates’ thirsts too!

Children’s playroom


Kid’s toys take up so much room. They’re often strewn across the floor, ready for an adult to step on or trip over them. Wouldn’t it be great if you could, at the very least, keep your living room free from Lego bricks?

Well you can, by turning the shed into a playroom! Kids love to play outside, so this space would give them to opportunity to do this even when it’s raining. We recommend making the interior and exterior as bright and colourful as possible – you could even theme it around their favourite subject, such as space or dinosaurs. Who needs a treehouse when a shed is much more accessible (not to mention safer)?

Worktop/hobby space

If you have a more creative hobby, such as woodworking, costume making or pottery, finding somewhere to practice it within the house can be tricky. The machinery needed is often noisy, takes up space and can cause a mess. You need a creative space, and the garden shed could be the perfect solution. Some of the most successful products in the world were invented in sheds, including the Black & Decker Workmate!

Not only can you build yourself a workshop within the shed, you can store all your works of art there too. Your beautiful garden could prove to be the perfect inspiration for creating something new and keeping the doors and windows open will allow you to have plenty of ventilation from the smell of paint and wood.

Game room

You might not have the room for an arcade machine or snooker tables inside the house, but what about in your shed? With a bit of investment, your humble outdoor storage space could become a gaming haven for you and your mates. Don’t forget to save room for a mini fridge and decent sound system.

When the weather plays ball, you can even set up a barbeque outside the shed, so you can feed those hungry gamers. With a space this perfect, you may never want to come inside again!

Home office

More than 4.2 million Brits work from home, according to the Office for National Statistics. Whether you run your own business or simply aren’t required to go into the office a lot, you need a quiet space to work in.

Getting out of the house and working in a separate area that’s just for work and not play, can really help you focus on the task at hand. That’s why so many people choose to turn their sheds into a home office. You can lock yourself away from any distractions, such as the TV or the cat.

No matter what you decide to transform your shed into this summer, you’ll find yourself using the space all year round, even if the weather’s awful. Before you start, make sure you have somewhere to put all the clutter already in it. A specialist storage space, such as a secure bike shed or childminder store can really help, and they won’t take up much room in your garden.

For more information on such products, please get in touch. We’re happy to provide any advice you may need, too.