Keep your bicycle secure and safe from thieves!

January 16, 2015

Cycling is one of the fastest growing sports in the UK, it is now also a very popular pastime to help keep healthy and a viable method of transport for commuting (especially in cities such as London where there has recently been a huge investment to promote the benefits of cycling).

People are also spending considerably more on their cycle and equipment and many dedicated cyclists often own more than one bike, maybe a road bike, mountain bike and possibly also a hybrid.

Cyclist walking dog
Unfortunately, cycles (unless they are the clever foldable versions) are not that easy to store, they take up a fair amount of space and if used regularly must be kept accessible i.e. they cannot be placed at the back of a crowded garage.

Also, you may not be popular with other members of the household if you store your cycle in the hallway or front porch.

A wooden garden shed is an option for storing cheaper cycles but due to its relatively low security should not be used to store expensive cycles or equipment.

Remember that your nice new £750 bike is much more sought after than the old lawnmower in your shed; it can be easily stolen and can be sold on within a matter of hours.

In the UK over half a million bicycles are stolen each year, but of course the vast majority of these are taken when you are out and about and leave you cycle outside the local shop or at the train station – aren’t they? Well be prepared for a shock…

Official home office figures show that MORE THAN HALF of all bicycle thefts take place from an owner’s property.

There are many devices for securing your cycle when you are out but it is just as important to consider how to securely and conveniently store your bike at home; be it just overnight or over a longer period such as the winter where bikes may be left for many months without use.

An excellent storage solution is a metal shed, but avoid wood or plastic sheds as they are not generally strong enough; also do not be tempted by very cheap metal sheds where the panels can be paper thin and easy to break into.

For the ultimate in secure cycle storage, especially if you have expensive cycles, you should consider a bespoke (no pun intended) cycle storage solution.

These specially designed metal stores usually hold multiple bikes and they offer a very high level of security. They normally come complete with heavy duty exterior locks, internal cables or chains and substantial ground anchors for securing the bikes within the unit.

There are a number of specific cycle storage options available, however, if you own expensive cycles or live in a high crime area you should only consider those which have been tested and approved by the UK Loss Prevention Certification Board and Secured By Design (Official Police Preferred Specification).

Here are some sensible tips to help minimize the risk of cycle theft from your home: