Cycle storage solutions: Your options compared

July 13, 2015

A bike can be a great investment. With more and more cars clogging up our roads, what better way to get from A-B than cycling? Benefits include fitness and cost-efficiency among so many others.

Once you’ve covered the initial purchase price, your running costs are pretty close to nothing, but with bicycle theft still rising across the UK, you’ll want to keep your new ride safe at all times. So how do you go about storing it at home?

You have a few bike storage options, each with their own pros and cons, so let’s get down to comparing them.

Outside with a secure lock

Stolen bike on lamp post

The first idea that comes to so many people’s minds is to use a lamppost or dedicated cycle stand unit on the street outside, attaching the bike with a secure lock.


The biggest benefit of this approach is the storage space you save inside; this can be used for other things that can’t be stored out in the open. Unfortunately, the downsides are too significant to ignore.


First and foremost, your bike will be at the mercy of the elements, with the wind and rain likely to cause damage to the frame and its moving parts over time. Expect rust to start showing much more quickly.

More than this, it’ll be a lot more appealing to would-be thieves who will have time to plan their attack and act when no one’s looking.

Inside your property

Bike stored indoors

Image © abbot45 via Flickr under Creative Commons Licence

So how about taking your bike inside instead? You could put it in your own hallway, for instance. Those who live in shared accommodation buildings, like blocks of flats and apartment complexes, may also have the option to store their bike in a communal area, like a foyer.


It’s certainly more secure than keeping your bike outside as thieves would have to gain access to your building before having the chance to pounce. It’s also protected against the weather, ensuring it remains in good nick.


Whether you’re living in your own space or with others, a bike in the hallway is likely to get annoying quickly. It’ll take up valuable space, making it difficult to move between rooms. Also, if your building is shared with strangers, there’s every chance the bike could still be stolen.

Garden sheds

Bike in shed

Image © steeljam via Flickr under Creative Commons Licence

Now for a bit of a compromise between the two previous options – an inside space on the outside. Many people keep their bikes in sheds, and for good reason.


Using a shed gives you the chance to save on space inside, while still providing protection from the wind and rain. What’s more, the dirt you bring in won’t transfer to carpets or walls, so your living space stays clean.


Most of the weather will be kept out, but sheds are prone to becoming damp and this can affect the condition of your bike over time. Keeping it in what is essentially an enclosed wooden box also increases the risk of fire damage, and the security of your shed will depend on doors and locking mechanisms.

Ceiling and wall mounts

Bike wall mounted

Image © thebristolkid via Flickr under Creative Commons Licence

If you don’t have the garden space, would rather not take your chances on the street and are against clutter, you could use a wall or ceiling mount to keep your bike off the ground and out of the way.


As mentioned already, this is a great way to save valuable indoor storage space, as the floor is kept clear. You still have all of the benefits of hallway storage, but without the inconvenience of clutter. The fittings are often pretty cheap too.


Not everybody wants to see a bike on their wall when they sit down in front of the TV, so you risk annoying housemates, family members, partners, or even yourself by putting it there. Also, unless you clean the bike every time you use it, the area around the mounts is likely to get grubby quickly.

The ultimate solution – A purpose built, secure bike storage unit

Without any doubt, the best way to go is to invest in a dedicated storage shed, like Trimetals’ own secure Bicycle Storage Box.

Having been tested and recommended by some of the UK’s leading cycle magazines, it’s the safest way to keep a bike in your garden. The biggest benefits include fire-resistant materials, 2-4 separate locking points, space for three adult bikes and a spring-assisted opening action. Essentially, it combines all of the benefits of the possibilities above without any of the cons.

While the other bicycle storage options might be cheap or in some cases even free, none are as secure and convenient as Trimetals’ carefully designed unit.

For more information, and to place your order, click here or give us a call on 01258 459441 today.