One man’s Titanic (shed) achievement

August 19, 2014

Anyone who owns a shed knows these are not just places to store tools and equipment – they are part of our homes and used for a variety of different purposes. Having said that, I was quite sceptical when I heard about one man’s shed. Apparently, it contained a perfect recreation of the Titanic’s interior.

Ok, that’s not entirely true. Obviously, he hasn’t constructed a bridge, cargo deck, passenger quarters etc, but his recreation of the historic ship has certainly raised one or two eyebrows. Rather cynically, I logged onto the Derby Telegraph to find out more.

Looking at the pictures obtained by the organisation, which I have used within this blog post, the shed seemed just like any other from the outside. Again, it was quite hard to believe that anything as beautiful as the Titanic could reside within.

John Siggins Titanic shed outside

But then you step inside…

John Siggins titanic shed inside

…and instantly you are transported back to 1912.

John Siggins, the owner of this shed (pictured below), has reportedly spent approximately 25 years recreating the Titanic’s dining room out of furniture and supplies taken from the Olympic – a ship identical to the legendary vessel.

Assembling the project by hand, he stated to the Derby Telegraph that it originally began as a place to store his collection of wood panels from the Olympic. However, he eventually decided to turn it into the replica seen today.
“It’s history,” He said to journalists from the publication, “I buy this stuff because it’s close to my heart…and this is how I want to see it.”

Moreover, his loved ones, friends, and family members enjoy the shed whenever they use it. It was even mentioned that Mr Siggins and his wife enjoyed the atmosphere so much they ate Christmas dinner there last year.

John Siggins titanic shed table

It seems my scepticism was unwarranted. Mr Siggins has truly made a design which is something to be truly proud of. However, he has confirmed that the shed isn’t finished yet – and he intends to add further items as well as eventually include an archive.

At Trimetals, we wish him all the best for the future and look forward to the finished project. Finally, if you want to see more pictures of this Titanic-inspired shed, visit the Derby Telegraph for further details.