Patio Storage or Lawn Storage – Where do I put my Garden Shed?

July 1, 2014

A Garden Shed is an important feature in any garden, allowing for a wide range of potential uses. Many people use their sheds for the all weather storage of outdoors tools and equipment, from lawn mowers to power saws. Other more green fingered shed owners will utilise their garden sheds for the potting of plants, and to store their various gardening tools and implements. The sky really is the limit in terms of utility; but new shed owners quickly find that their shed becomes an integral feature of their garden.

The sheer number of potential uses for a garden shed can make choosing the right one seem like a particularly daunting task, but once you have finally made the decision about which shed is perfect for your needs, you may feel that, minus transporting and constructing the shed itself, all the hard work is over. Unfortunately, there’s still one very important decision left to make; where on your property should your shed be placed?

Allow us to take you through some of the practical and aesthetic considerations that will help to mould your decision. Broadly speaking, there are two main variables for shed placement; your shed will either be placed on the lawn, or within a patio area.

The Lawn shed

Placing your new garden shed on your garden lawn will generally make more sense if you intend to utilise your shed for storage of intermittently used tools and equipment. In this way, the shed and its contents are kept out of the way until you need them, keeping your garden uncluttered and open. One of the most frequently stored items in this variety of shed is a lawnmower; so it makes sense to have it located as closely as possible to the lawn itself!

Of course, a lawn based shed is also ideal for use as a workshop; especially one in which noisy power tools are liable to be used. The extra distance from the house and the houses of neighbours may well make all the difference: there are few things worse, in the eyes of someone trying to relax on a sunny afternoon, than a soundtrack provided by a power tool orchestra!

A lawn based shed does come with its own range of unique considerations. If you want your shed (not mention the garden around it) to last it’s worth making note and taking action.

First and foremost, a shed cannot be placed directly on the lawn; it requires additional support from a solid surface, to prevent the weight of the shed and its contents from sinking partially into the ground! A solid under-surface for a shed can be manufactured from a number of different materials; some of the most commonly used are paving slabs or concrete.

The final major pointer for the location of a lawn based shed is environmental. More specifically, it’s a good idea to avoid placing your shed at the bottom of a slope. Doing so can lead to moisture collecting under or around your shed; which can be a major irritation in the short term, but can also damage your shed, the base of your shed, and/or its contents in the long term.

The Patio Shed

Placing your garden shed on your patio is a good idea if the shed will be getting frequent, quiet use. The increased proximity to your house saves a frequent trek, and family members and neighbours won’t be complaining too much if there’s not a constant barrage of bangs and crashes emanating from your shed. This makes a patio based shed ideal for use as a potting shed or study.

A patio based shed is also a good idea if you intend to keep a lot of valuable possessions or equipment within; the closer to the house that your shed is, the safer its contents. This is a particularly prudent move if your garden has particularly low walls, or is easily accessed from the street; after all, a remote, easily accessible shed is an easy target for thieves.

If your intent is to use your shed as a home office or study area, there’s a good chance that you’ll require a power supply. If this is the case, situating your shed in close proximity to your house will both reduce costs and the time you have to spend on maintenance.

A final plus point of a patio based garden shed is that you won’t have to invest any time or money on a solid base; the patio will already provide this!

So which option is best for me?

As you can see, there are pros and cons to both lawn and patio based sheds. Depending on the eventual use of the shed, and the features of you back garden, either one could ultimately be preferable.

A patio based shed is more cost effective, and provides a greater degree of security than a lawn based equivalent. A lawn based shed is worth the investment if you intend to use it for DIY, or to house DIY and gardening equipment.