Gas cylinder storage – Convenience and safety

May 6, 2015

There are a number of ways to store gas cylinders but this article concentrates on enclosed stores used predominantly by mobile home sites and industry.

Storage of gas bottles within an external housing – to prevent tampering, theft, or for aesthetic reasons – presents a number of important considerations.

Metal storage perfect for gas bottles

Obviously, the materials used to construct the store must be fire resistant. Therefore, wood or plastic stores are not permitted.

Concrete, brick or metal are all suitable materials, with most manufacturers using metal as it can be prefabricated then flat packed and built up fast and easily on-site.

Ventilated storage is a must for gas cylinders!

Gas cylinder stores / units MUST be ventilated – there is a complex formula which dictates the amount of ventilation required based on the enclosed area of the store.

Both low and high level ventilation is required to create a ‘free flow’ of air through the unit – this is to prevent gas sitting inside and building up in the event of a leak.

Both the two main types of gas used today, propane and butane, can be stored in these types of container outside. However as butane has a relatively high freezing point, propane is typically favoured for external applications, such as in mobile home parks.

Gas storage compliance

There are a number of compliance issues and codes of practice associated with storing gas cylinders within containers so you must check the manufacturer’s website to ensure you stay legal.

In particular, make sure that stores comply with BS5482: Part 1 2005 and BS476-22 as well as the LP Gas Association Codes of Practice regarding the use and storage of cylinders at residential premises.

Gas cylinder stores should be supplied with full assembly and location instructions including safety labels (to warn others about the contents of the store).

Be warned

Always purchase safety equipment, such as gas cylinder stores, from recognised retailers or direct from the manufacturer. If you do not, you risk purchasing substandard products which may not conform to legislation and you might be held responsible if an accident or explosion results.

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