New garden cabinet with multiple shelving options – The Guardian

February 19, 2015

We’re passionate about all of the products we sell at Trimetals, from our range of superior quality metal sheds and garages to our Police Approved cycle storage units and new range of Patio / Decking boxes.

However we are really excited about the new Guardian storage cabinet, it is the first product we have sold which is not manufactured by ourselves.

Built to last

As you would expect from any product offered by Trimetals, the Guardian is very durable. Designed to withstand the intense rain storms in Japan it will easily survive the worst that British weather can throw at it.

We are so confident of the quality that this new product offers that we provide a 2 year guarantee on all parts and a 10 year guarantee against rust perforation on the special Galvalume metal panels used in its construction.

The polyester painted finish of the product doesn’t just accentuate its modern design, it ensures years of trouble free use allowing the product to look good year after year.

In addition the integral heavy duty raised metal flooring protects stored contents from the elements.

Maximum protection

While offering superb protection against the egress of weather and environmental damage, the Guardian cabinet also provides ample protection against thieves.

Its twin smooth sliding doors can be locked securely into place, two keys are supplied.

In addition the Guardian is fire-resistant and maintenance free.

Easy to use

While protecting the items stored within, and safeguarding them from theft, the Guardian is also designed to be as simple to use as possible.

The sliding doors are light and easy to use and the shelves within the cabinet can be rearranged within seconds.

Two shelves are provided as standard with the option of using up to six shelves if required.

The product can also be used inside or outside and comes complete with fixings anchors to bolt it to the ground.

The perfect storage option for small gardens

The size and functionality of the Guardian Shed makes it ideal for smaller gardens, utilising its relatively small base area but highly usable vertical storage space.

The multiple shelving options provide space to store large or small items, making it extremely versatile and unique.

Find out more and purchase a Guardian storage unit here