Static Caravan Storage options – Sheds, Units or Undervan Boxes?

June 13, 2014

Storage space is always a problem no matter how large your house. However, it is even more of a consideration when you own a mobile home or a static caravan, where owners consider new purchases in terms of “where will we put it?” rather than “do we really need it.”

This is especially true of more bulky items, it’s great to have a barbeque set for those long summer evenings outside, bicycles for exploring into the countryside, fishing rods to relax next to the local river or lake, outdoor chairs and tables; the list goes on – but where do you store them?

Fortunately there is a wide range of options available to suit ever situation and budget, but which is the best and how do you decide?

Onsite storage size restrictions for caravans & mobile homes

Firstly you need to be sure of the maximum storage space you are allowed on your site. For residential parks a 6’ x 8’ shed is generally accepted but for mobile home and static sites exterior storage space is generally restricted to approximately 2m x 1m so a full size shed is out of the question.

There are however a wide range of storage units to fit the bill, often called bunkers or boxes. These are available in all price ranges for varying qualities and security levels.

Bad news for wooden and plastic storage!

Remember that wooden storage boxes are universally prohibited on caravan parks due to fire risks and plastic boxes are only accepted on very few parks, as well as limited to where they can be sited (again due to fire risks and insurance requirements).

Another disadvantage to wood or plastic storage solutions is they offer limited protection to thieves breaking in, not to mention in coastal environments, subject to high winds, these light weight products can become easily damaged or simply blow away.

Metal storage solutions to the rescue!

Metal storage boxes and sheds are a better long term investment offering good security and the higher quality versions can withstand a salt environment for 25+ years, they also have no problems with fire resistance and are available in larger sizes than plastic alternatives, so you can store bikes and fishing rods easily within.

Don’t forget undervan storage options too!

Usually storage boxes are bolted down onto paving slabs or a concrete base at the side of the van; but what if you do not have the space to place one?

Well, help is at hand again, in the form of under van storage boxes; these are typically riveted or welded oblong metal boxes which either sit on the concrete under the home or are physically attached to the chassis.

Under van storage boxes are ideal in areas with space restrictions or parks with strict rules prohibiting the use of exterior storage units completely.

The only downside to undervan storage is due to the relatively low height of these products they can only be used to store fairly small items.

Metal sheds and caravan sites

If you are lucky enough to have more space available, live on a residential park or have permission from the site owners to use one, the ideal storage solution is a proper shed of approximately 6’ x 8’ or 6’ x 6’ dimensions.

A shed will be ideal for storing barbecues, bikes, garden furniture and a whole lot more besides; however you will also be surprised just how quickly you fill it up Again, consider what you will be storing in it, and as a general rule, purchase one relative to the value of items stored.

Also consider that a cheap shed will be easier for thieves to get into and will not last as long as higher quality models. A good quality metal shed will often be better long term value for money than cheaper alternatives which can be very flimsy and may rust quickly (especially in coastal locations).

So, what next?

Whatever your choice of caravan storage, be it a storage box, undervan unit or a shed, it will usually be dictated to some degree by park rules and space restrictions.

Just ensure that you purchase one large enough for your needs and the best quality that you can afford; this will ensure that you get the benefits of increased security, long service life and peace of mind.

And if in doubt, always check with the caravan park staff before you buy a storage unit just to be on the safe side.