Base Type 1 – Concrete base laid on gravel bed


We advise that concrete should be 100mm thick and laid on top of a flat and level gravel bed. You should also place a thick polythene sheet either under the concrete or on top of it which will help prevent moisture rising inside and possibly causing condensation. We would also recommend using our optional wooden floor kit, which is essential if you wish to place the polythene sheet membrane on top of the concrete, as walking on top of the sheet will damage it. The “Thunderbolt” fasteners (supplied) are ideal for bolting the shed down onto concrete, as the holes required (drilled down through the corner gusset into the concrete) can be made after the shed is in position. It is important that the base MUST be flat and level.

IMPORTANT: this information is for use as a guide only – you must ensure that your shed is securely fastened down. Trimetals cannot be held responsible or liable for damage or injury caused by products which are not secured properly.